Cyberathlete® brings the world to you with “Pokémon Go World Raids”

Come along with Cyberathlete® to see the world on Pokémon Go World Raids!


The weekly live stream will be an anchor show on a new content arm of Cyberathlete® Pte. Ltd, to be fully launched on Twitch and Youtube, August 2021. The first broadcast will be on 30 June 2021, 6pm Eastern (GMT-5) time and runs till 7pm Pacific (GMT-8) time.


A first of its kind, we will attempt to host raids from each of the Pokemon Go time zones, taking viewers on an hour-long raid runs in unique locations in the world, culminating in a continuous 23-hour stream of raids. Trainers are encouraged to sign up to join hosts on their raids and traverse the world from the comforts of home.


Join our very first official host Samantha, aka koncentr8kween, as she raids and banters with co-host and CEO of Cyberathlete® Scott Valencia, aka P0PzUNCultured.


The inaugural episode will also see some exciting announcements, such as giveaways and a chance to win a fantasy Pokémon Go trip.


In conjunction with Pokémon Go Fest, join koncentr8kween and P0Pz on an in-person raid on 17 and 18 July 2021 at Portland, Oregon. Keep a close watch, location details will be revealed on Cyberathlete®’s social media accounts.


Cyberathlete® has opened up applications for raid hosts to not only showcase their home bases but also to offer a taste of broadcasting. Cyberathlete® offers a myriad of opportunities for interested parties around the world to learn about and experience streaming, broadcasting and being a content creator through our various platforms and soon to come Learning Annex.



The Pokémon Go World Raids can be found on:






For more information and raid host applications, go to


Cyberathlete® socials:

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