CVCI signs NESFP for its fourth partner in SEA VALORANT Invitational

Singapore-27th, August, Cyberathlete Pte. Ltd. welcomes the National Electronic Sports Federation of Philippines (NESFP), as the next partner in a ring of seven, for the South East Asia VALORANT tournaments.

“We are ecstatic to sign NESFP as a partner in our inaugural collegiate invitational” said Scott Valencia, Chief of Executive Office for Cyberathlete Pte. Ltd. “With 43 million gamers in the Philippines, the opportunities to learn and test our programs on such a diverse market is amazing”

NESFP is a local governing body of Esports and was the author of Esports inclusion for the 30th SEA Games where 9 of 11 SEA countries competed for 6 Gold Medals over in 6 days of spirited competition. NESFP strives to build a sports tradition for Esports in the Philippines to further that goal, NESFP partners in healthy collegiate programs like the VALORANT invitational where 16 teams from 7 different markets will compete for a prize pool of US$25,000.

VALORANT, one of the most anticipated games of the year, is a free to play 5v5 character based tactical shooter for the PC. VALORANT is a multiplayer game with high-fidelity gunplay where the agents all carry unique abilities.

“We are proud to partner with Cyberathlete in this endeavor as they can bring their deep heritage in Esports to further strengthen our local and regional development ecosystem” says Ramon Suzara of NESFP.

The invitational is set to begin September first. Collegiate teams will be playing from Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines and three more markets yet to be announced.

About Cyberathlete:
“Cyberathlete” has been a globally recognized and utilized term associated with esports since its creation and registration by Cyberathlete Professional League. Cyberathlete Pte. Ltd. was founded in 2020 to develop and operate a collegiate esports tournament system, in conjunction with sanctioned country collegiate associations. Our goal is to prioritize academics, while helping create balance between gameplay, fairness, and well-being.

The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) is a professional sports tournament organization specializing in computer and console video games competitions. It was founded on June 27, 1997 in Dallas, Texas. The CPL is considered the pioneer in professional video game tournaments, which have been held worldwide. Cyberathlete Pte. Ltd. is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in the US and China

About NESFP:
The National Electronic Sports Federation of the Philippines (NESFP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of Philippine Esports using deep aspects of traditional sports to create a fair, healthy, progressive and inclusive platform. Founded in Taguig City, Metro Manila on Nov. 2018, the NESFP is the only Philippine Esports association recognized and certified by the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) and the Global Esports Federation (GEF).

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