Cyberathlete® Professional League (CPL) was founded in June 1997 in Dallas, Texas.

CPL is a pioneer in the esports industry and played a large role in helping to grow the gaming scene into the billion-dollar industry it is today.

Starting out as a US-based tournament organizer, CPL drew global attention to esports with the CPL World Tour in 2005. The first of its kind in the world, the tour went through Asia and Europe before the finals were televised on MTV from New York City. The prize pot of USD1 million was unheard of then.

The world tour legitimized esports and brought it into the mainstream.

Over the years, CPL hosted more than 100 professional esports tournaments in international arenas and sanctioned more than 600 international qualifiers.

The rules, regulations and tournament formats that CPL created are still enforced in many tournaments today.

In 2010, it was acquired by CPL Digital Entertainment Pte Ltd and is now based in Singapore.

CPL is known as Cyberathlete® Pte Ltd today.

With renewed vigor, Cyberathlete® shifted its focus to Asia.

In partnership with the local government’s support and schools, Campus Game Fest was launched in 2013 and became the biggest gaming event in Singapore.

Today, Cyberathlete® still organizes collegiate-level tournaments with a strong focus on adding value to avid young gamers through proprietary training material.


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